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Optimized data-structure of economic data sources

We have made some improvements to the data structure. Click open to see how the changes affect a search for data by source.

Finding Economics Data by Source: Simplified

We have changed how the Economics - by source view is presented under the Time Series tab.

We want to ensure that you will always be able to efficiently find and access data, regardless of how many new sources we add.
That is why we have revised our simple list view of sources, which had become too long.

The New View

When you click on the Time series tab and select Economics - by source you will now see a list divided into two subsections: one for International Sources and one for National Sources.

Time Series Tree

International Sources

These sources can be found under the region they produce data for, not the country they are headquartered in, to make the search process more intuitive.
For example: Releases from ECB will be visible under the Euro Area, not Germany.

National Sources

These sources are organized either by Major Countries or by All countries.