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National & Industry BEA data added

National & Industry datasets has been added in a separate database and increased coverage of BEA data.

National & Industry datasets added in a separate database increased coverage of the BEA data.

The data is available in this location:

BEA > United States > National
BEA > United States > Industry

What’s included?

GDP & Personal Income Tables

  • Domestic Product and Income
  • Personal Income and Outlays
  • Government Current Receipts and Expenditures
  • Foreign Transactions
  • Saving and Investment
  • Income and Employment by Industry
  • Supplemental Tables

Underlying Detail Tables

  • Real Inventories and Sales
  • Personal Consumption Expenditures
  • Government Current Receipts and Expenditures
  • Foreign Transactions
  • Gross Private Domestic Investment and Capital Transfers (NET)
  • Motor Vehicle Output
  • Other Tables

Fixed Assets Tables

  • Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods
  • Private Fixed Assets by Type
  • Private Fixed Assets by Industry
  • Nonresidential Fixed Assets
  • Residential Fixed Assets
  • Private Fixed Assets
  • Government Fixed Assets
  • Consumer Durable Goods
  • Chained Dollar Tables

GDP by Industry

  • Value Added by Industry
  • Gross Output by Industry
  • Intermediate Inputs by Industry

What will be included soon?
We’re already working on including International data:

  • Direct Investment & MNEs
  • International Transactions
  • International Investment Position

and two recent BEA Regional data additions:

  • Regional Income
  • Regional Product

Data structure

Data series can be found using search function along with BEA CODE.

For example BEA, United States, Real Gross Domestic Product, Total, SA, Chained, AR, USD can be found by typing it’s BEA code A191RX. When sorted by series name, National Data can be viewed in exactly the same order as in source tables.