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Last week’s data additions to Macrobond

We have recently extended the coverage of our Economics Database with new data.

Macrobond is continuously extending its data coverage. Here is a compilation of last week’s additions to the Macrobond database:

U.S. Repo Rates Economics – by country major > United States > Interest & Exchange Rates > Repo Rates > DTCC

Macedonia NEER/REER Economics – by country > Macedonia > Interest & Exchange Rates > FX Indices > National Bank of Macedonia

Indian FX Interventions Economics – by country major > India > Interest & Exchange Rates > FX Interventions

Russell/Nomura Equity Indices Economics – by category > Equity Market > Equity Indices > Russell/Nomura

Maltese Monetary Aggregates Economics – by country > Malta > Monetary Statistics > Monetary Aggregates

IMF Payment Data Coverage Started, More Countries to Follow IMF > Members’ Financial Data

Danish Seasonally Adjusted Current Account Economics – by country major > Denmark > Balance of Payments > Current Account

German Weather Data Economics – by country major > Germany > Environment > Weather & Atmosphere > Temperature

Eurostat ESA2010 Sector Accounts Expanded, for Example Eurostat > France > National Accounts