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LIBOR Changes

Terms for LIBOR data redistribution have changed.

Dear Macrobond Customer,

Please be advised that ICE Benchmark Administration (ICE) Limited has recently changed the terms for redistribution of LIBOR data. ICE was established in July 2013 following an announcement by the Hogg Tendering Advisory Committee, an independent committee set up by the UK government to select the new administrator for the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).

Macrobond will continue to provide the LIBOR rates but updates will come with a 24h delay (11.45 am next day). Currently the LIBOR data is updated end of day.

In addition Macrobond is considering to provide the LIBOR data in a separate database with a 4h delayed update (3:45 pm GMT same day). Accessing the 4h delayed data can incur a separate usage license with ICE. A usage license will be required by any party that uses LIBOR rate information in valuation and pricing activities, including (but not limited to): collateral calculations, interest rate fixings, pricing curves, discount curves and forward curves, and/or use of the LIBOR rate information as a reference rate in transactions and financial products including (but not limited to): swaps, FRAs, mortgages and loans. The Usage License also gives clients the right to access data directly from ICE Benchmark Administration SFTP or e-mail services.

Usage license Fee:

Financial Institution

Single Currency – $16k per annum

All Currencies – $40k per annum

Non-Financial Institution

Single Currency – $8k per annum

All Currencies – $16k per annum

Please inform your Macrobond representative if you would be interested in the 4h delayed data before the 5th of June.

As always, thank you for your cooperation.


The Macrobond Team