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Macrobond development – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Collection of thoughts and ideas about the year just past and the one just ahead.

Macrobond will continue to develop the application at a high pace. During 2014 you will see new charting features, like labels that present values on the graphs, improved ways of finding series, such as the sub-components of a series and we will investigate integrations to other programs like “R”. On the content side we are working on adding Morningstar funds, the IMF BOPS database, CBI Internet Survey and a continued expansion of our global datasets amongst others.

We look forward to continuing to develop the Macrobond Application together in 2014.

Kind regards,
The Macrobond Team

Major feature additions 2013

Chart enhancements – Multiple panes, legend on the sides, top or floating. More settings for margins. More options for the date labels on the x-axis.

Search for related series – We have added many new actions like “Search by Source” and the ability to search for similar indicators in other regions.

Calculated series - Take any time series calculated in a Macrobond document and define an in-house series based on those calculations

Change region - A new feature that helps you replace the series in a document with the corresponding series for another region.

New statistics – Among other things we have added one sided HP filters, upper and lower tails, skewness, curtosis, rank, average absolute correlation and log change.

Cross variance analysis - Calculate one of three matrices: Covariance, Correlation or Regression slope.

Sort analysis - Sort values in either an ascending or descending order.

Histogram analysis - Calculate the empirical distribution of a series as the density or cumulative distribution

Improved Yield curve analysis – Specify a maturity date instead of a maturity length. There are additional modes such as “Rates at a future time”.

Improved relative points in time – Specify points like “-5y”, that means “five years back”. There is also a new user interface that helps you specify the points in time.

Improved regression analysis – Multiple models, residuals for forecasted values and a setting for “no intercept”.

Improved table presentation - Select columns visibility, order and formatting

Web publish - Publishing Macrobond charts in on-line publications, such as a blog, a content management system (CMS) on your intranet or on the Internet or when using social services such as Facebook and Twitter.

MATLAB API - You can download as well as upload Macrobond time series.

Resent search suggestions - When entering text in the search field, you now get suggestions based on earlier searches.

Support for 64-bit add-ins – for Microsoft Office, EViews and MATLAB.

Highlighting important series - A new column in the lists of series results called “Notes” shows an exclamation mark for important series.

Major content additions 2013

Consensus Economics – comparable macro forecasts

IPD Data – property data

Conference Board TED – comparable global macro data

ICAP Data – OTC rates

JODI - oil data

Unrevised Data – unrevised macro data from the ALFRED database