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Consensus Economics available on Macrobond

Consensus Economics forecast time series are now available in Macrobond

Macrobond and Consensus Economics have jointly launched a new historical database on the Macrobond research system. Beginning in October 2013, Macrobond users will be able to access and manipulate Consensus Forecast time series data, both current monthly updates and historical, for charts and reports, together with Macrobond’s global economic and financial databases.

For users wishing to see in more detail how the Consensus Forecasts current and historical data series are displayed within Macrobond, the time series for Canada (with Consensus Forecast history back to October 1989) have been made available for a 30 day free trial to all our customers.

By subscribing to this database, you can access current and historical monthly Consensus Economic forecasts for key macroeconomic variables across an extensive range of countries in North America, Europe (including Eastern Europe), the Asia Pacific region and Latin America.

Number of Data Series: Over 1000

Number of Countries: Over 80

Number of Contributors: Over 700 forecasting panellists. Common definitions and time horizons are imposed by the rigorous survey methodology, to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Data History: From October 1989 for the G7 Countries & Western Europe; From 1995 for the major Asia Pacific countries; From May 1998 for the main Eastern European countries; and From March 1993 for the major Latin American countries

Update Cycle: Monthly

Period Estimates: Current Year and Following Year

About Consensus Economics

Consensus Economics Inc, founded in 1989, is the world's leading international economic survey organization and polls more than 700 economists each month to obtain their forecasts and views for over 80 countries. During the past two and a half decades Consensus Economics has cultivated its growing network of economists, drawing upon the expertise of well-established local consultancies and large teams of professionals in the banks who research particular countries and regions. Consensus Economics is often seen as the macroeconomic forecast benchmark by investment and planning managers, as well as government and public sector institutions, who find its data useful, effective and accurate.


If you would like further information regarding this service on Macrobond contact your Macrobond Account Representative or Consensus Economics directly.