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Unrevised data added

Data from St. Louis Fed (ALFRED) was added to the Macrobond application.

We have added selected items from the St. Louis Fed ALFRED database. It allows you to retrieve vintage versions of economic data that were available on specific dates in history.

It contains primarily U.S. data but also some international items. Note that some U.S. data is available under international data and that the more specific U.S. items have their own categories in the ALFRED tree.

The data is presented in three ways:

Initial release

The data is presented as a normal time series but does only contain the first released data for each time period.

By vintage

The time series is presented like it looked at a specific point in time, the vintage date, which is the date included in the series title.

For reference period

This allows you to see the revisions over time for a specific reference period, like Q4-2012, which is the date included in the series title. Unlike the two variants above the series observation date is the date it was revised.

More information about ALFRED can be found here: