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Macrobond Development – Reflecting on 2012 & looking ahead to 2013

Major developments in 2012 plus a list of ideas for 2013 and beyond.

Dear Customers,

It is Macrobond’s objective to keep the highest pace of development. We are continuously developing our research solution with new features as well as adding new and unique content sets in close cooperation with our customers. This letter summarizes some of the major developments in 2012. We also have a long list of ideas for 2013 and beyond. On the feature side we are considering including: groundbreaking support for publishing live charts on blogs and web sites, series based on calculations, multiple panes in charts, MATLAB connection and enhanced charting functionality and chart types. On the content side we are working on adding the Alfred database from St Louis Fed with unrevised data shortly. Other content coming soon is primary sourced data for new countries, increased coverage of OTC instruments such as swaps, OIS & FRAs, additional CBI surveys and much more.

We look forward to continuing to develop the Macrobond Application together in 2013.

Kind regards,
The Macrobond Team

Major Feature additions

  • Yield curve analysis – With the Yield curve analysis you can produce charts showing yield curves, where one axis shows the maturity length and the other the yield. Here is an example showing several yield curves at different points in time,
  • Bloomberg connector – If you are running Bloomberg Terminal on the same computer as the Macrobond application, you can use historical time series from Bloomberg directly in the MB application,
  • – allows you to view your charts using a web browser on any PCs, Macs, smart phones or tablet devices,
  • Links to charts in Microsoft Office documents – make charts that you copy to Microsoft Office documents to have a link to the source document instead of containing a copy of the document,
  • SQL Database Connector – read time series data from SQL databases directly in Macrobond,
  • Index builder – construct index values for financial securities as well as general weighted averages of series,
  • Copy as Excel Data set – turn the result of any calculation made in a Macrobond document, including formulas and analyses, into a Macrobond Data set in Excel.

Major Content additions

  • The Penn World Table – national accounts economic time series,
  • The Conference Board U.S. Business Cycle indicators,
  • Euro Area bond indices from EuroMTS,
  • STEP (Short Term European Papers) data,
  • The complete ONS (Office for National Statistics) database for the United Kingdom,
  • London Metal Exchange (LME) data,
  • Global Recession Bands for more than 60 countries/regions,
  • Detailed banking data from BIS and the ECB e.g. Balance Sheets.