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Recent data additions

A selection of a few items added last month to the Macrobond application

Eurostat HPIs

Eurostat have created house price indices for the EU and Euro Area, these are the codes:


Fed Yield Curve

Extensive yield curve data from the Federal Reserve added here:

Economics - by country major > United States > Interest & Exchange Rates > Yield Curve

Recession bands from OECD

In chart mode in Fill range – Import, recession bands from OECD have been made available. They are also available as time series here:

Economics - by source > OECD > OECD Reference Turning Points

IMF WEO Updates

To cover the revised growth projections released in between ordinary IMF WEO updates these series have been added separately here:

Economics - by source > International Monetary Fund (IMF) > IMF WEO Global GDP Growth Prospects

Or here for each country:

Economics - by country major > United States > Forecasts > IMF WEO Updates