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The OECD Long Term Baseline was added to Macrobond

The OECD Long Term Baseline dataset from OECD Economic Outlook is now available in Macrobond application.

Macrobond is pleased to announce that additional dataset from OECD Economic Outlook - ‘The OECD Long Term Baseline’ has been added to our database.

The OECD Long Term Baseline analyzes the major economic trends beyond the OECD short-term projections. For all OECD economies, and the major non-OECD economies, it provides coverage of components of potential growth, fiscal balances and debt accumulation, domestic saving and investment balances, and external balances (through the current account). It also includes interest rates consistent with those projections.

The database contains annual data to 2060. Variables are defined in such a way that they are as homogenous as possible for the countries covered. Breaks in underlying series are corrected as far as possible. Sources for the historical data are publications of national statistical agencies and OECD statistical publications such as the Annual National Accounts, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and Eurostat.

The series are available in: Economics - by country major > (country name) > Forecasts > OECD Economic Outlook > Long-Term Baseline Projections