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Continued expansion of Eurostat data – MIP Scoreboard, Demography & Population projections

Macrobond continues to expand its data coverage from Eurostat.

Macrobond continues to expand its data coverage from Eurostat. Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure Scoreboard, Demography & Population projections sections have been recently integrated with our database.

The MIP is a surveillance mechanism that aims to prevent and correct macroeconomic imbalances within the EU. Emerging or persistent macroeconomic imbalances are identified with help of an alert system that uses a scoreboard of indicators. The scoreboard is comprised of a small number of relevant, practical, simple, and available macro-economic and macro-financial indicators for Member States.

Internal imbalances include those that can arise from public and private indebtedness; financial and asset market developments, including housing; the evolution of private sector credit flow; and the evolution of unemployment; External imbalances include those that can arise from the evolution of current account and net investment positions of Member States, real effective exchange rates, share of world exports, and nominal unit labour cost.

The Scoreboard provides timely information necessary for identifying the short-term developments and the medium term tendencies.

Data can be found under:

Eurostat > Select area > Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure Scoreboard

Demographic data covers population and various demographic events and indicators (births, deaths, marriages and divorces) broken down by several characteristics such as age, gender, legal marital status and educational attainment.

Population projections are what-if scenarios that aim to provide information about the likely future size and structure of the population. Eurostat's population projections are one of several possible population change scenarios based on assumptions for fertility, mortality and migration.

The series are available in the:

Eurostat > Select area > Population