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The ONS database – now available

The complete Office for National Statistics (ONS) database has been added to Macrobond.

Macrobond can now offer the complete ONS database which includes an extensive range of economic time series for the United Kingdom. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK Government's main survey organisation and its main producer of official statistics.

The ONS is responsible for the production of a wide range of economic and social statistics, including:

  • the UK's National Accounts (such as Gross Domestic Product, National Income and Expenditure)
  • the UK Balance of Payments
  • government output and activity
  • business output and activity
  • prices (such as consumer and producer)
  • the labour market (such as employment, unemployment and earnings)

The ONS database can be found directly in the ONS view. The time series are available at various frequencies, both in seasonally, calendar, trend adjusted and non-adjusted forms. The data can be browsed by publication with structure of components directly following the source’s pattern, which should make it easy to find and identify certain series. It is also possible to search for series by their ONS identifiers as they were incorporated into IDs of corresponding series in the Macrobond database. All ONS series previously available are still listed in the Economics view in Macrobond.