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Addition of sentix data

Macrobond continues to build up its content by adding monthly sentix Economic Indices and Asset Class Sentiment survey.

The sentix GmbH is a leading supplier of sentiment data in Europe. As an independent enterprise, sentix surveys more than 3,100 registered investors, providing an objective, comprehensive and up to date view of investor feelings and perceptions.

The sentix Economic Indices include assessments of the current situation and the coming 6 months (expectations) for the major world regions. These are separated along institutional / individual lines and subsequently summarized as a headline index. The results give information about how investors perceive changes concerning economic growth in the surveyed world regions. The sentix indices have the first mover advantage due to being the first economic indices in Europe published for each month.

The Asset Class Sentiment survey covers preferences of investors regarding real estate, commodities and initial public offerings (IPOs).

Both surveys are available under Economics - by source > Sentix > Sentix Economic Index / Sentix Asset Class Sentiment