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Debt maturity series now available

Debt maturity series added for several countries

We have added debt maturity series for countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. The frequency varies depending on the source but is daily in many cases. What these series measure is the dates where debt comes due. When the Aggregate function is used the value furthest into the future will be the amount of bonds outstanding if you edit the start date of the calculation to today’s date. If you change the frequency to monthly or yearly and present it in column form you will be able to see how much debt comes due in each period.

Attached are three examples (you can click them to download corresponding .mbnd document):

chart chart chart

The series are available in the tree at the following location:

Government & Public Finance > Public Debt > Debt Maturity

Note that not all debt is marketable and that these series in most cases do not include intragovernmental debt so that debt maturity will not sum up to a country’s total debt.