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Global Recession Bands for more than 60 countries/regions now available

Recession bands for more than sixty countries and regions have been integrated into Macrobond.

Macrobond has now added recession bands for more than sixty countries and regions. These can be easily integrated into your charts and research using the Macrobond application. Recession bands have either local sources, in which case these are given, or are Macrobond-calculated. Macrobond’s recession bands have been defined as two consecutive quarters of decline in real GDP.

Recession Bands can be found under each country/region in the Leading Indicators Section. For example:

Economics - by country major > United Kingdom > Leading Indicators > Macrobond

Note that Recession bands are binary time series with the logical value 0 and 1 where 1 indicates a period of recession. These can be used as inputs to your research and calculations or with the chart type Fill which can be found under Layout in your chart.

Alternatively, Recession Bands can be imported straight into your charts as Fill Ranges using the below method:

Right click inside your chart select Fill Range, under Fill Range, choose Import and under Macrobond you will find the different countries and Regions.


You can also use our powerful formula language to create your own recession bands or binary series using Logical formulas or Signals.

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