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New nodes in the database

Financial Accounts, and Money, Banking and Credit

Just a quick note to say that we’ve merged a few nodes, including, but not limited to, monetary statistics, and banking and credit data, into a single access point in the tree. The new node is called Money, Banking and Credit and will simplify the process of selecting this data.

We’ve also renamed the Flow of funds node in the database to Financial Accounts. It’s a small change but one that will make locating the series you’re looking for more intuitive.

Macrobond Document

No matter how minor, don’t hesitate to let us know what could simplify they way you work in the application. The more we hear form you, the more we can do to enhance your experience. We have a few larger changes in the pipe too, so look out for the news on those in the coming months!

If you’re curious about some of the other changes we’ve made to the database, have a look at the links below.

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