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Macronote #4

Introducing the Macrobond Market Map, and our last post for the summer

A frequent request we get from our users at Macrobond, is the publication of a ready-made chart-library covering a broad range of economic and financial aspects for an economy.

For those of you who aren't users (yet), you might not know that all the documents that are made and saved in Macrobond can be shared within your company or team, or in our case, all our users. And since we have automatic data updates, every time you  open up a document, all the charts in it will be refreshed with the latest data. So you see, a library full of Macrobond charts for different economies is nothing to scoff at.


Introducing the Macrobond Market Map

Being the helpful guy that he is, in his spare time our Chief Economist, Roger Josefsson, has been busy producing the Macrobond Market Map - a library that does what it says on the label.

He now has a beta-version up and running, so if you're a user, you can find it by going to the Macrobond Chart library and looking under the Geographic branch. It's not quite complete yet, but he's getting there!

Roger has promised to curate this file to keep it from going stale and also update it with new illuminating graphs as he comes up with them. The objective is to produce more of these Market Maps covering more and more financial and geographic markets (and keep them up to date).


Not a user yet?

Not to worry. We'll share three of the charts with you this time (these are for the US). But for the full benefits you'll have to become one of us.

What are the benefits? You ask... Well for the Market Map not only will the charts always be up to date the second you need them, you can open them in Macrobond and work on them yourself. We also have the very useful add-ins to Microsoft office, which means when you need to produce a periodic report or presentation, all you have to do is copy, paste, and click refresh the next time you need to present the latest figures.

If you like the sound of that, you haven't even heard about our database, analytics tools, charting, integrations, amazing support team... you get the point, so why not get in touch?






Using the Macrobond Market Map

Open a collection as a presentation document

Browse through all the charts, and open them in Analytics.


Open specific documents from the sub-folder for each economy

Look for a particular document and open it to work on in Analytics.


NOTE: You will need to duplicate the documents if you want to edit them for your own use.

If you have any feedback for Roger on this or any other topic, don’t hesitate to send us support tickets and we will make sure he gets them! 


Enjoy, we'll be back after the summer !



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We don’t usually have views and opinions about economic and financial states of affairs, (not ones that we express publicly as a company, anyway). We do believe, however, that people can and do appreciate a variety of perspectives. What you’ve just read is the perspective of our resident chief economist. While we think he’s very smart, Macrobond Financial does not expressly endorse the views he presents here. And, as the old adage goes, you shouldn’t believe everything you read (not without finding the data, performing a few analyses and presenting it in a nice chart). We want to make it clear that we are not offering this information as investment advice. That being said, if you have the application you can easily check everything that’s mentioned here, and decide for yourself. If you don’t have the application, now you have a great reason to get it.