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Macrobond Market Map for the Euro area

Just in time for the holidays Roger has put together a new Market Map that covers the Euro area. Get a preview of what's in it here.

You may remember the Market Maps we launched earlier this year. We started with a thorough overview of the US market for summer, and now Roger has produced a map covering the Euro area, conveniently packaged in a presentation document you'll find in the Macrobond Chart Library.  If you're unsure of how to access and use the Market Maps have a look at this post, scroll to the end to see it explained step by step.  We've also added a few sample charts at the end of the post you can open up in the application if you're a user. If you're not a user yet, now's the perfect time to join us!

We're having a conference!

In other news, if you've been enjoying Macro 'n Cheese you'll be happy to hear that Macrobond is hosting a half-day conference in Stockholm in February. Roger will be there, along with our CEO, Tomas Liljeborg, Head of Sales, Jacob Johannesson, and our head of Application development, Thomas Olsson. The theme of the conference is Risks to the Outlook - our way of getting past the main views and discussing the things that threaten to upset the proverbial economic and financial cart in 2019.

We have two great panels lined up, as well as a look into what Macrobond is planing for the future of the application and more. The event is sure to be a fantastic gathering of Macrobond users and friends, so don't miss it!

Find out more about the Macrobond conference in 2019, and register here.


Market Map Charts

Just a small sample of what you'll find in the Euro area market map.


This is the last post for the season, well be back after the new year! 


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We don’t usually have views and opinions about economic and financial states of affairs, (not ones that we express publicly as a company, anyway). We do believe, however, that people can and do appreciate a variety of perspectives. What you’ve just read is the perspective of our resident chief economist. While we think he’s very smart, Macrobond Financial does not expressly endorse the views he presents here. And, as the old adage goes, you shouldn’t believe everything you read (not without finding the data, performing a few analyses and presenting it in a nice chart). We want to make it clear that we are not offering this information as investment advice. That being said, if you have the application you can easily check everything that’s mentioned here, and decide for yourself. If you don’t have the application, now you have a great reason to get it.