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Macrobond Conference 2019

Don't miss this morning event in Stockholm on February the 7th - we've got some great speakers and topics lined up for discussion, and wrapping up the morning with a lunch among Macrobond users and friends

Face to face with the Macrobond Community

At Macrobond we want to help people explore and analyse and communicate with the world around them. But sometimes a simple face-to-face conversation can take us even further. That’s why we want to meet you, and for you to meet other users and industry peers for spirited discussions, featuring some of our most entertaining and thought-provoking friends in the Macrobond community. 


The upside and downside risks in 2019

As you read this, financial markets are churning and the once synchronized global economic upswing has dispersed into a multitude of trajectories. In such uncertain times we need to have an idea of what might happen, and how we'd react, if things don't play out the way we expect them to. So, what better theme for this conference than discussing the risks to our outlooks? 

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With this morning event we don't just want to discuss well-known views, but rather provide a forum where investors and analysts get an in-depth view of economic and financial developments in 2019 from some of the world’s best experts on topics that are extremely hot (Brexit, Uscita, Macron, FED, USD etc.). This is not your usual morning seminar, and takes into consideration not only the macro view but looks at what is driving financial markets as we speak!

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