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Live Comparison of Corona vs. SARS Growth Since Outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) data from the World Health Organization is among our recent additions to the Macrobond database. A full list of data added in the past 2 weeks can be found at the bottom of the page.
Corona Virus vs SARS

Thanks to data from the World Health Organization which was recently added to the Macrobond database, we can compare the development of this year’s Corona virus (COVID19) to its 2003 variant, SARS, starting from the first day the World Health Organization began reporting cases of these viruses respectively. We can see that 23 days after the outbreak, 2,890 persons had been infected by SARS, while the number for the corona virus is 45,171. In other words, the corona virus has had a growth rate of over 15000% after the first three weeks since outbreak.

Although its growth rate is slowing, the response to the novel coronavirus has intensified globally as the impact of the virus has affected businesses, financial markets and economies. You can read our recent blog post about China’s fiscal response to the outbreak.

This chart is published dynamically, so it will update automatically as new data is released by the World Health organization, including the calculations in the text box.

Data Additions by Country/Region


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