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2018-11-01App features

Highlights of version 1.20

This is what you can look forward to when you upgrade

We’ve listed some of our favorite updates in the latest version of the application below. For more detailed information about these and other new features, have a look at the release notes.



  • Watchlist: Your personal agenda to keep track of data releases and the documents they are in
  • Default tree filter for series browser


  • Unit root test
  • Extend incomplete periods – in conversion to lower frequency


  • Display a range in bar charts
  • Directional arrows on scatter chart

How to upgrade

The new version can be installed directly via the Macrobond application by clicking on the yellow ribbon, which appears on the screen, or by selecting “Check for update” in the Help menu.

If you need assistance, a description of how to upgrade can be found here. For those who require the assistance of their IT department, we recommend waiting until a later maintenance version before you upgrade your version of the application. We will notify all users when that version has been released - look out for the message on the Start page of the application.


See the release notes for more!