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Your Overview of Data Additions

Australia productivity statistics, Hong Kong container throughput, Ukraine national accounts and China investments in ASEAN countries.


Australia: Productivity statistics

We’ve recently increased our coverage of productivity statistics for Australia. We now carry data on capital and multifactor productivity ratios.

Multifactor productivity is the ratio of gross output to a combined input of multiple factors, most prominently labor and capital. In this chart, we show the year-on-year growth of capital, labor and multifactor productivity since 1994.



Hong Kong: Container throughput

We’ve also added data on container throughput in Hong Kong. This is a measure of the number of containers handled over a period of time, a standard way of measuring the productivity of a seaport.

In the chart below, we’ve plotted the yearly percentage growth of total container throughput, and added the mean growth during some specific periods. 



Ukraine: National accounts

We have also increased our coverage of Ukraine’s National Accounts with the production approach by industry group.

In the chart below, we’ve plotted three components of Ukraine’s national output with a dotted trend line for each economic activity from Q1 2015. The trend lines clearly show signs of recovery since the beginning of the political and economic crisis in 2014.



China: Investment in ASEAN countries

Turning to Chinese data, we now carry more granular data on exports and imports by commodity and by Latin American country, and amount of investments in ASEAN countries by sector.

In the bar chart below, we’e plotted investments in each sector as a percentage of total investments in all ASEAN countries.  



Data Additions by Country / Region


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