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Your Overview of Data Additions

Australia Roy Morgan estimates, South Korea real estate data and Indonesia FDI by country

Australia: Roy Morgan estimates

We’ve recently increased our coverage of unemployment data for Australia. We now carry estimates of underemployment and number of people looking for full-time or part-time work from the Roy Morgan Research Institute.

In the chart below, we present the rate of underemployment and unemployment estimates from Roy Morgan, with the red line being the sum of both. We also present the mean value for each estimate using the entire history available.


South Korea: Real Estate data

Our coverage of South Korean real estate data has also been greatly increased. We now carry supply and demand statistics, transaction-based indices, and sales price indices. We’ve also added data about the unique Jeonse system, by which South Koreans can pay a one-time sum of money to lease an apartment instead of paying a monthly rate.

In this chart, we have divided the Jeonse price index by the market price index for three areas: Seol, the inner-city of Seol, and the entire country.


Indonesia: Foreign Direct Investment by Country

We’ve also increased our coverage of data for Indonesia. We now carry data on electricity distribution and generation by province, and foreign direct investments by country.

In the chart below, we plot FDI series for five major regions & countries, and the sum of all five as the black line above the columns. You’ll notice the increasing role China plays in the development of emerging markets in Asia. 


Data Additions by Country / Region