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Your Overview of Data Additions

UK energy production, South Korea unemployment by region, India loan restructuring and Philippines PSA Labour survey.

UK: Total Energy Production & Sub-components

We’ve recently added more granular data on energy production for the United Kingdom. We now carry the different types of fuel used for electricity generation & supply in the UK. 

In the chart below, we have created a stacked column of the different fuel types and how much terawatt hours they generate on the right-hand scale, and on the left we have the year-on-year % change of total energy production. You’ll notice that oil & gas has lost ground in favor of mostly solar & wind power since around 2014.


India: Corporate Loans Subject to Restructuring

We’ve increased our coverage of loans and debt given by various commercial banks. We now carry detailed data on loans subjected to restructuring, and restructured corporate debt.  The data is available by ownership type for individual banks and asset classes.

The chart below displays loans subjected to restructuring by public banks according to the loans’ asset class. There has been a substantial decline in standard asset class loans that are subject to restructuring but a significant increase in both sub-standard and doubtful loans.


South Korea: Unemployment by Region

We’ve also increased our coverage of labor market statistics for South Korea. We now carry unemployment rates for each region.

In the bar chart below, we show the latest unemployment figures combined with a range column for the highest and lowest values measured since the start of the time series.


Philippines: PSA Labour Force Survey

We have also added more data from the PSA labor force survey. We now have data on employment per industry and region.

In the chart below, we have plotted the amount of people employed in the service sector and in the agricultural sector. We then indexed both series to 100 in 2001. The chart indicates how the Philippines is moving toward a service economy.


Data Additions by Country / Region



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