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Your Overview of Data Additions

World Uncertainty Index (WUI), FHA mortgage market, China cement output and Fiji GDP expenditure approach.

The World Uncertainty Index for Economic Policy (WUI)

We recently added data covering the World Uncertainty index. This index tracks the number of times the word “Uncertainty” appears in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s country reports, scaled by the total amount of words. This creates a measure of perceived economic uncertainty for several countries and regions.

In this chart, we plotted the uncertainty index for emerging markets, advanced economies and the GDP weighted World index. We have also marked major events happening around peaks of the indices.


United States: FHA mortgage markets statistics

We added data from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Mortgage Market. This data covers, among other things, the amount of loans endorsed by the FHA.

In the chart below, we calculated a static mean with standard deviation bands from 1994 to 2007 and 2010 to 2018 showing the average number of FHA loans before and after the subprime mortgage crisis.


China: Cement output

For China, we’ve added data about government revenues and expenditure, density of health service, and cement production per region.

In the bar chart below, we show the latest values for cement output for each region, combined with a marker for how the corresponding value was five years ago.


Fiji: GDP expenditure approach

We’ve  increased our coverage of national account, foreign finance, and industrial production data for Fiji. This includes data about international reserves, foreign debt and manufacturing indices.

In the chart below, we calculated the contributions to GDP for Fiji, using the data from expenditure approach.


Data Additions by Country/Region




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