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Your Overview of Data Additions

Rhine water levels, Bangladesh public debt, increased coverage of Lithuania foreign debt and more granular coverage of employment in Italy.

Daily Measurements of the Rhine water levels

We’ve recently added daily measurements of historical water levels for the river Rhine. The data is presented as the daily average based on measurements taken every 15 minutes by the German Federal Institute of Hydrology. 

In the bar chart below, we show the latest measured water level for all major cities along the river, as well as the highest and the lowest recorded value since the measurements began.


Bangladesh: Public debt

We have also added data concerning public debt in Bangladesh. This data is provided by the Ministry of Finance in Bangladesh. 

In this chart, we present the debt levels on the left axis, and total tax revenue on the right side. We’ve also done a seasonal adjustment on both series to make them easier to interpret.


Lithuania: Total Gross Foreign Debt

For Lithuania, we’ve added data on foreign debt levels. This data looks at the different sectors in the economy, and how much of the debt is owned by non-residents of Lithuania.

In the chart below, we have made a stacked area chart showing the debt levels of each sector.


Italy: Employment by Professional Status

For Italy, we’ve added more granular data about employment status. This data shows the amount of people in temporary employment, permanent employment and how many are self-employed.

In the chart below, we’ve presented this data as change year over year from 2010 until today.


Data additions by country/region




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