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Your Overview of Data Additions

ECB SPF, increased coverage of Labor Market statistics for Australia, Ukrainian foreign trade per industry, Households Size in Japan, and Insurance & Pension data for China

ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters

We’ve recently added a new dataset from ECB – the Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF) – providing expectations for various macroeconomic variables (inflation, unemployment, and real GDP growth). Expectations are provided either as forecast points or probability distributions.

In the chart below, we displayed the probability distribution of the unemployment rate in the Euro Area for 2019 and 2020, provided during the last three quarterly surveys. The current one was published for Q4 on October 26th 2018.


Australia: increased coverage of Labor Market Statistics

Over the past two weeks, we’ve increased our coverage on Labor Market Statistics for Australia.

In the chart below, we calculated the employment per age group as a percentage of the total active population. You’ll note that three main age groups show a positive trend in employment rate: Age 25-34, Age 55-64, and Age Over 65.



Ukraine: Foreign Trade per Industry

For Ukraine, we have complemented our coverage on Foreign Trade with statistics per industry sourced from the National Bank of Ukraine.

In the bar chart below, we displayed the Foreign Trade profile of Ukraine, per industry, for 2018.


Japan: Size of Households

For Japan, we’ve added more demographic statistics, Size of Households, sourced from the Japanese Statistics Bureau.

In yet another bar chart, we displayed and compared the size of households today and 20 years ago. You’ll notice a major shift in trends from large households (+5 persons and more) to a more individual way of life (1 or 2 persons per households).  


China: Insurance & Pension Statistics

During the past weeks, we’ve a vast amount of data covering the Insurance & Pensions sector in China. Macrobond users can find statistics related to:


  • Expenses & Revenues
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Number of insured persons
  • Payments of Claims

Pension Funds

  • Expenses & Revenues
  • Corporate Annuity
  • Number of insured persons

Statistics are broken-down per region, worker status or company types, depending of the indicator.

Data Additions by Country/Region



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