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Your Overview of Data Additions

Indian Foreign Trade per country & commodity, Japanese weights for the Export Price Index, and Foreign Debt breakdowns for the Philippines

India: Foreign trade per country & commodity

Over the past two weeks, we’ve added more than 10,000 series covering foreign trade for India. You can now access Indian exports & imports for 100 commodity categories, and per country of destination or provenance. The data is sourced from the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
In the chart below, we present the Indian exports for two commodities: cotton, and footwear and like articles. We then calculated the proportion of the total per country of destination, for 2017. Only the top 20 countries are displayed, the others being grouped in the label “Other countries”.


Japan: Weights for the export price index

For Japan, we’ve added weights for the export price indices, from Bank of Japan.
That allowed us to calculate the contributions to EP, displayed as stacked columns and with the total displayed as a line.


Philippines: Foreign debt breakdowns

For the Philippines, we’ve added more breakdowns for foreign debt statistics. You can now access foreign debt by borrower, by type, by country profile and by institutional creditors.
In the chart below, we displayed the foreign debt broken down by borrower. The top pane displays the non-banking system borrowers, amounting to a total of USD 54,4 billion, while the 2nd pane represents the banking system borrowers, with a total of USD 17,9 billion.


Data additions by country/region