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Your Overview of Data Additions

Business confidence per state for Australia, Core inflation in Ghana, contributions to leading indicators for Malaysia, and New Zealand real estate prices per region

Australia: Business Confidence per State

For Australia, we expanded our coverage to include business confidence and business conditions per state, provided by National Australia Bank.
The chart below displays business confidence per state, along with the total.


Ghana: Core Inflation

We just added core inflation series for Ghana, which excludes all food items, energy & utility. The central bank of Ghana currently has an inflation target set to 8%, with a band of +2/-2 %.
The chart below displays both inflation and core inflation year-on-year percentage change.

Malaysia: Contributions to the leading, lagging & coincident indices

For Malaysia, we’ve added contributions series to the leading, lagging, and coincident indices calculated by the Malaysian Department of Statistics.
In the chart below, we displayed the contributions to the leading index.


New Zealand: Real Estate Price indices per region

We’ve just added real estate price indices per region for New Zealand. Data is provided by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, with values rebased to 1000 in 2003.
In the chart below, we compared the year-on-year percentage change for each region of New-Zealand.


Data by Country/Region