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Your Overview of Data Additions

U.S. Tight Oil Production, National source data for Tajikistan, Electricity Consumption per sector in Indonesia

United States: Tight Oil Production

We’ve just added tight oil (also known as shale oil) production from EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration).  The data is available on a monthly basis, per tight oil formation. For example, Eagle Ford, which is located in Texas.   In the bar char below, we displayed the evolution of the production from the various tight oil formations 5 and 10 years back ago as well as for 2017.


Tajikistan: National source coverage

Over the past two weeks, we’ve started adding national-source data for Tajikistan. The main sources currently available are the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank, and the Statistical Agency.
In the chart below, we displayed the Exports and Imports, and calculate the 12-month rolling sum of the trade balance. The data had to be disaggregated beforehand.


Indonesia: Electricity consumption per sector

For Indonesia, more granular indicators have been added: Retail Sales per city and electricity consumption per sector.
In the bar chart below, we compared the electricity consumption in the different sectors 8 years ago and now. A shift between the industrial to the residential sector appears.


United Nations: International Trade Data

One of the large projects we’ve worked on during the past months is adding international trade data provided by the United Nations.
The data we're adding comes from the UN COMTRADE database for international trade statistics. Over 170 reporting countries/areas provide the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) with their annual international trade statistics data detailed by commodities/service categories and partner countries.
We’ve started by integrating tables 35, 36, 38, 40, 41 and 43.


Data additions by country/region