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Your Overview of Data Additions

UK EU Referendum Polls, Italian NPLs for Commercial Banks & Financial Corporations, and Pakistan exports & imports per commodity / per country

United Kingdom: UK EU Referendum Polls

For the United Kingdom, we’ve just added polls data from the NatCen Social Research. Two questions are covered:

  • In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the EU?
  • Which political party do you think would handle Britain’s exit from the EU best?

In the chart below, we visualized the evolution of responses to the second question. We’ve highlighted the most drastic changes for the conservative part, and indicated which related events took place at those points in time.


Italy: Commercial Banks & Financial Corporations Non-Performing Loans

For Italy, we’ve added more data regarding Non-Performing Loans (NPL), and now cover the Commercial Banks & Financial Corporations sector.
In the chart below, we looked at “bad loans” and total NPL for this sector. The lower pane displays the share of “bad loans” in total NPL.


Pakistan: Foreign Trade by commodity / by country

During the last two weeks, we’ve expanded our data coverage for Pakistan. For Foreign Trade, you can now access exports & imports per commodity and country.
In the bar chart below, we displayed Pakistan’s profile of exports & imports for 2017.
Note: the chart displays the main commodity categories, but more sub-categories are available.


Data additions by country/region




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