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Your Overview of Data Additions

Energy Production Estimates for Norway, Inflation per city in Indonesia, and Housing Affordability ratios for the UK

Norway: Energy Production estimates

For Norway, we recently added data from NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), presenting their production estimates for various energy resources: Gas, Natural Gas, Condensate, and Oil.
In the chart below, we represented the production estimates as stacked areas. As you’ll notice, there has been a shift from 2000 between Oil and Gas.

Indonesia: Inflation per city

For Indonesia, we’ve added inflation data on a city level. 82 cities are available, with data starting on 1st January 2015.
In the chart below, we compared the inflation for the Capital Region of Jakarta with the mean of the 81 remaining cities. We also calculated several percentiles for this data sample.

United Kingdom: Housing Affordability

For the UK, we’ve added Housing Affordability indicators from ONS. You can either access the “House Price to Residence-Based Earnings” or the “House Price to Workplace-Based Earnings”, per region.
In the chart below, we compared the House Price to Workplace-Based Earnings ratio between London and the entire England (excluding Wales).

Data additions by country/region


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