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Your Overview of Data Additions

“Ita-Coin” indicator for Italy, Apartment prices per city in Austria, and Freight statistics for Changi Airport in Singapore

Italy: Ita-Coin coincident indicator

For Italy, we’ve just added the Ita-Coin indicator, calculated by the Bank of Italy. This indicator provides monthly estimates of the trend in economic activity, using both quantitative and qualitative data.

You can find more information about this series here.

In the chart below, we compared the indicator and the Italian industrial production, expressed in yearly rate of change. We looked at the optimal lag correlation, and found out that the best correlation is when the Ita-Coin indicator is lagged – i.e. meaning pushed forward – by 4 months.

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Austria: Apartment Prices per city

During the past two weeks, we’ve added more Real Estate data for Austria. You can now access apartment prices per city, with or without outdoor areas. The data is available on an annual frequency, and expressed in Euros, per square meter.

In the bar chart below, we looked at the prices per district in Vienna for 2016. We also added a last column with the year-on-year price increase, in percentage.

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Singapore: Freight statistics from Changi Airport

For Singapore, we’ve added for more data regarding freight statistics from Changi Airport. The data is sourced from SingStat, the Singapore Department of Statistics, and available on a monthly basis.

In the chart below, we used the Slice analysis to look at the seasonality of in-coming and out-going mail from Changi Airport. Each data point displays the average value for that month, since 1980.

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