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Your Overview of Data Additions

Public health datasets for China, residential mortgages in arrears for Canada, and passenger car production from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.

Public Health data

Over the past two weeks, one of our projects was to add data covering public health for China. So far, the following datasets from NBS (the National Bureau of Statistics) have been added:
  • Inpatient Statistics by Province
  • Number of Hospitals or Medical Institutions by Province
  • Number of Medical Personnel by Province & Role
  • Outpatient Statistics by Province
  • Utilization Rate of Healthcare Services

We built the bar chart below to illustrate some of the indicators that are available.


Residential Mortgages

For Canada, we’ve added two datasets from the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA):
  • Credit Card Delinquency
  • Residential Mortgages in Arrears
In the chart below, we calculated the proportion of residential mortgages in arrears in the total number of mortgages, per province. Recession bands have also been added to the chart.

Car Production from OICA

We’ve also added Vehicle Production Statistics from the OICA – the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.
The data is available per country as well as per car manufacturer.
In the chart below, we compared the passenger car production in China with Europe (1st pane) and with the countries ranked #3 to #7 (2nd pane). You’ll notice that China’s car production has increased significantly during the last years, passing Europe in 2013.
China now produces more passenger cars than India, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and the United States combined.


Data additions by country/region



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