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Your Overview of Data Additions

Survey of Professional Forecasters for Singapore, WIPO Patent Applications, and Cambodia CPI and weights per sector

MAS Survey of Professional Forecasters

For Singapore, we’ve just added the Survey of Professional Forecasters conducted by MAS, the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Various macroeconomic and interest rate indicators are available, in a quarterly or annual frequency. In terms of methodology, the median of the responses received by MAS is used. For more information regarding the methodology, have a look at the PDF here.

In the chart below, we compared the survey and the historical GDP growth series. The difference between the two is displayed on a second pane. 


WIPO: Patent Applications

We now carry patent application data from WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization. The data displays the number of patents from most countries around the world.
In the chart below, we compared this indicator for the top 5 countries / regions. One obvious result is the high increase of patents from China from 2009.


Cambodia: CPI per sector and weights

Over the last two weeks, we have increased our coverage of Cambodia in the database with CPI data per sector. Both index data and weights are available.
In the chart below, you can see a classic CPI contribution chart using this data.


Data additions by country/region


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