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Your Overview of Data Additions

“New” IFO Business Climate index for Germany, South Korean industrial production per sector, and UK passengers’ traffic in airports.

Ifo Business Climate

For Germany, we’ve just added a new index from the Ifo Institute, The Ifo Business Climate for Germany. This new index now includes service providers, which represent a major portion of the German economy. You can find more information on this index here.

In the chart below, we decided to represent the business situation and the business expectations indices in a scatter chart, to create the so-called Ifo Clock.

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Industrial Production per sector

Over the past two weeks, we’ve added more sectoral indices of industrial production in South Korea: construction, service industry, and public administration. In the chart below, we compared industrial production for construction with mining and manufacturing indices. In a second pane, we also calculated a 2 year average correlation across these three indices.

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Airports Statistics

For the UK, we’ve added air passenger traffic from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. In the bar chart below, we looked at the annual passenger traffic at the 10 most visited airports. We compared the number of passengers in 2008 with 2017, as well as the growth in percentage between these dates.

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Data additions by country/region