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Your Overview of Data Additions

Capacity Utilization per Industry for China, HICP Contributions for Euro Area, Hotel Occupancy Rate in Singapore, and MEV (Macro Economic Outlook) for the Netherlands.

China: Capacity Utilization per industry

Quite a few indicators have been added for China over the last two weeks. In the chart below, we decided to highlight the capacity utilization per industry, comparing Q4 2017 with Q4 2016 in a bar chart.

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Euro Area: HICP Contributions

Calculating CPI contributions manually can be time-consuming. For Euro Area, we’ve added ready-made contributions provided by Eurostat. In the chart below, we present them in a classic way: as stacked columns, with the HICP all-items inflation highlighted as a line.

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Singapore: Hotel Occupancy Rate

For Singapore, we’ve added several indicators for the tourism sector. One of them is the occupancy rate per type of hotel. In the chart below, we started by calculating a mean of these occupancy rates, and then sliced the data per year to compare 2017 with the average occupancy rate since 2011.

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Netherlands: Macro Economic Outlook from CPB

We’ve recently added the Macro Economic Outlook (MEV) for the Netherlands. The MEV publication is provided by CPB, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.

In the chart below, we visualized the breakdown of consumption prices.

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