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Your Overview of Data Additions

Electric vehicles data, debit and credit card usage for Ireland, and a variety of indicators from Eurostat.

World – Electric Vehicles data

We’ve recently added several indicators related to the Electric Vehicles (EV) market. You can access information on sales per country or region, as well as infrastructure data.
In the chart below we aggregate EV sales from 2013 onward, for Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and China. You’ll notice that the trend in Asia Pacific is mainly due to the growth of Chinese EV market.

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For Ireland, we added data on debit and credit card usage. In the chart below, we compare the annual growth rate of new credit card spending – with a 3-month moving average applied to it – to personal consumption expenditures.

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In the list at the end of this post you’ll notice that we’ve added a lot of indicators from Eurostat over the last two weeks. Most of them belong to the “Sustainable Developments Indicators” and “Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedures Indicators” sections.
The bar chart below presents the youth unemployment rate, as a percentage of the active population for EU countries. The position of the bubbles, a new feature in version 1.18 of the application, reflect the youth unemployment rate for 2016. Their size is defined by the change – in points – since 2007. For instance, while Greece currently has the highest youth unemployment rate, the largest increase since 2007 happened in Spain.

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Data additions by country/region


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