Morningstar Funds

The Morningstar fund data in Macrobond covers price and total return values for over 537 000 currently active funds from 9 600 companies worldwide. The funds are available in seven different modules depending on the type of fund and/or geographical region. The data is updated throughout the day as markets around the world close. The modules and the approximate number of funds in each are listed below:

  • Closed Funds: 19 000
  • Exchange Traded Funds: 15 000
  • Hedge Funds: 5250
  • Insurance & Pension Funds: 350 000
  • Open Ended Funds โ€“ Americas: 150 000
  • Open Ended Funds โ€“ Asia: 85 000
  • Open Ended Funds โ€“ Europe: 180 000

Note that it is possible for Open Ended Funds to be included in more than one geographical module.

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