Web Publish

Publish high-quality charts that update themselves in your Web applications.

With Macrobond Web Publish, you can embed up-to-date economic and financial time series charts directly on your site, blog or intranet. The data will update in real time. The result will be a dynamic, high-resolution chart that will always be pertinent to your audience.

There are three example charts provided below, click on the images for a higher resolution chart in a new window.

View Macrobond document Google vs SnP 500
View Macrobond document Performance of Equities vs Commodities
View Macrobond document

If you publish regular commentary or analyses of financial and economic data, the time saved with dynamic charting could be substantial. No longer having to create a new static image to reflect updated data allows you to focus on your own analyses.

How Web Publish Works

The Web Publish helps you to share live Macrobond charts and research with your customers, colleagues or the public.

The output graphs are rendered with the same technology as our Macrobond Application and can be accessed via HTTP protocol. While the service itself is hosted on our server, you specify output parameters such as height, width, proportions and zoom. This allows the dynamic charts you create to integrate seamlessly into existing web content management systems.

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