Our products comprise a world-class analytics platform

Easily visualize data and act on new information more quickly, more easily and with greater precision than ever before.

Our flagship product is a global research tool that allows sophisticated analysis across a broad range of financial and economic data. No comparable system allows one to analyze and map historical trends and relationships, validate trading ideas and explore new opportunities with this much speed and precision.

The Macrobond Application allows users to:

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Easily Explore Our Vast Data Sources

Our database features more than 22 million time series and securities, yet we have made navigating this data simple. Our content comes with extensive metadata, including links to the source and specific release, description, last release, class, source code, and much more.

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Run Powerful Analytics For Deeper Insights

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of historical trends and relationships with analytics such as formula language, correlation, index builder and multiple regression analysis.

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Instantly Create Charts and Report

Users can then create customizable charts, tables and reports literally in a seconds, and do this all within a single Windows-based application. No integration with other software is necessary; a simple click of a button is all that is required to update your research, charts and Excel sheets.

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Access in-house and Bloomberg datasets

Macrobond allows to import your in-house time series data and access internal SQL databases. Bloomberg Terminal users can use the Bloomberg connector feature and utilize the Macrobond Application's front-end as an interface to Bloomberg data. Macrobond can also act as an interface with Eviews and Matlab.

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