Markit PMI data added to MacrobondFeb 5, 2015

We are now able to offer a selection of Markit PMI series in the main Macrobond database. They will have 3 years of rolling history for the headline PMI figures and will be available at no extra cost for Macrobond subscribers.

The coverage varies from country to country but is in many cases the main series for manufacturing, services and the composite, in some cases there is also construction and retail.

The data is available for 33 countries/regions.

Data with more details and full history is, as before, only available as an additional database subscription where a contract between the client and Markit is needed before any data can be permissioned.


INSEE database availableOct 16, 2014

About 50,000 macro economical time series from INSEE have been added as a separate database. A broad range of indicators are available from areas such as construction, trade, public finance, demography and national accounts.

The database is provided without any additional fees but since its only available in French we haven’t given all clients access to it. If you want to have access to it please contact your sales account manager.


GaveKal researchSep 19, 2014

Macrobond and Gavekal have had a long and successful partnership providing the financial industry with independent research and world class macroeconomic research solutions.

GaveKal is a financial services firm headquartered in Hong Kong that offers institutional investors three different services: fund management, independent research on global macro-economic trends and events, and independent advisory work on China and its impact on the global economy. GaveKal is a founding partner of Macrobond.

Together we offer our subscribers a unique opportunity to understand the processes behind Gavekal’s conclusions and investment advice. Subscribers may access Gavekal models and indicators, analysis and investment insights derived from the models directly within the Macrobond application. Our users may open any chart in a Gavekal document, download and automatically update the underlying data, and change parameters and formulas to experiment with alternative scenarios.

Macrobond is a multinational provider of macroeconomic research solutions that enables sophisticated analysis across a broad range of economic time series and financial instruments. It allows buy- and sell-side professionals to analyze and map historical trends and relationships, validate trading ideas and generate new opportunities.

You are always welcome to contact the Macrobond team or the Gavekal team to arrange a trial or if you have any questions.


University of Michigan consumer sentiment headline data addedJan 9, 2015

The distribution policy for the University of Michigan consumer confidence survey has changed and there is no longer an exclusive distributor. This means that we can now finally offer the following headline data:

The Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS) and it’s two component series the Index of Current Economic Conditions (ICC) and the Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) as well as two series measuring the expected changes in inflation rates.

The data is available here:

Economics - by country major > United States > Surveys > Consumer Surveys > University of Michigan > Consumer Sentiment


Ifo World Economic Survey addedOct 10, 2014

Ifo conducts a quarterly survey in numerous countries on business cycle developments and other economic factors in the experts’ home countries.

Several aspects of the economy are queried such as investor climate, economic climate, inflation, interest rates, share prices and real GDP growth.

All countries and regions are available in this view:

Economics - by source > Institute for Economic Research (Ifo) > Ifo World Economic Survey

Individual countries are also available in the standard by country view, for example:

Economics - by country major > Argentina > Surveys > Economic Situation Surveys > IFO > World Economic Climate

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