Tap into an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date source for financial, economic and equity data. The Macrobond-sourced database is logically structured, making it easy for you to navigate through literally millions of time series and data points. All information comes with extensive historical depth and detailed source and release information. Macrobond's data is collected from thousands of primary sources and covers more than 115 countries plus regional aggregates.

Number of countries115+
Number of regions35+
FrequencyDaily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and actual frequencies with extensive history
Update cycleContinuous updates throughout the day

Most major economic indicators are made available within minutes of their release. Our information is collated from global primary sources such as national statistics offices, central banks, companies and financial exchanges.

Financial Data

Our financial data includes interest rates, exchange rates, policy rates, equity indices, bonds, futures, government benchmarks, FX indices, commodities and much, much more.

We offer extensive coverage of individual bonds for corporates, mortgages, sovereigns and supranationals. This coverage includes data items such as price, duration and yield.

The futures part of the database contains derivatives for commodities and energy, financial contracts, and economic indicators from major exchanges all over the world. Data is available for both individual contracts and continuation form, in which nearby contracts are linked together to create series with long histories.

Economic Data

We offer one of the world's most complete sources of economic data. Indicators and areas covered include:

  • Balance of Payments
  • Banking & Credit
  • Commodities & Energy
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Demography
  • Equity Market
  • Flow of Funds
  • Forecasts
  • Foreign Finance
  • Government and Public Finance
  • Income & Earnings
  • Interest & Exchange Rates
  • Labor Market
  • Government and Public Finance
  • Income & Earnings
  • Interest & Exchange Rates
  • Labour Market
  • Leading Indicators
  • Monetary Statistics
  • National Accounts
  • Prices
  • Production
  • Surveys
  • Tourism
  • Trade
  • Transport & Communications

Equity Data

Macrobond's equity data includes global pricing information from more than 40,000 actively listed companies worldwide. We also provide fundamental data that includes detailed, as-reported information for companies' interim/quarterly statements, calculated key ratios and company reports.

Price data:Close, Open, High, Low, Market Cap, Volume, Shares Outstanding, Total Return, Cash Dividend

Balance Sheet:Goodwill, Intangible Assets, Tangible Assets, Total Non-Current Assets, Inventories, Total Current Assets, Total Assets, Total Equity, Total Non-Current Liabilities, Total Current Liabilities, Total Liabilities, Total Equity & Liabilities

Income Statement:Revenues, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Operating Profit (EBIT), Net Financial Items, Profit Before Tax, Tax, Profit After Tax

Cash Flow:Total Cash Flow from Operating Activities, Total Cash Flow from Investing Activities, Total Cash Flow from Financing Activities, Cash Flow for the Period

Key Ratios:Operating Cash Flow Ratio, Dept Ratio, Equity Ratio, Dept/Equity Ratio, Working Capital, Profit Margin, Return on Capital


Our content comes with extensive metadata, including links to the source and specific release, description, last release, class, source code and much more.

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