OECD Main Economic Indicators

The Main Economic Indicators (MEI) presents comparative statistics that provide an overview of recent international economic developments through the presentation of a wide range of short-term economic indicators for the OECD member countries, five area totals and selected non-member countries.

The information provided on each country includes data on national accounts, business surveys, leading indicators, retail sales, industrial production, construction, consumer prices, producer prices, total employment, unemployment rates, wages, interest rates, money and domestic finance, foreign trade and balance of payments. Many of the monthly series are available in both seasonally adjusted and unadjusted forms.

Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
Data history: 1961 to present
Update cycle: Monthly

OECD Economic Outlook

The OECD Economic Outlook provides a biannual yearly assessment of economic trends, prospects and policies in OECD countries. The OECD Outlook database is a comprehensive and consistent macroeconomic database of the OECD economies, covering expenditures, foreign trade, output, employment and unemployment, interest and exchange rates, balance of payments, outlays and revenues of government and households and also government debt. For the non-OECD regions, foreign trade and current account series are available.

The database contains yearly and quarterly data for OECD counties and regions. Quarterly series are seasonally adjusted. Variables are defined in such a way that they are as homogenous as possible over the countries.

Frequency: Semiannual
Years Covered: 1970 onwards (annual and quarterly)

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