MSCI Index Module

The MSCI Index Module includes price and total return (gross and net) for Developed, Emerging and Asia Pacific. Data is available with a daily and monthly frequency, and history goes back to 1969. Indices covered include:

MSCI Enhanced Index Module

The MSCI Enhanced module includes market caps and ratios at the country and regional level. Ratios include P/E, Return on Equity, Dividend Yield, Price to Book among others and also estimate based items such as 12 month forward P/E. Regions covered include All Country (AC), Developed Markets (DM), Emerging Markets (EM), Frontier Markets and GCC countries. The MSCI Enhanced Index module includes daily and monthly data with full access to the history since the index inception.

Regions:Developed Markets, Emerging Market and Asia Pacific
Foreign Currency:All equity will be available in 7 currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD and AUD)
Equity Index History: Full access to history since index inception

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