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The accuracy, depth and quality of our data are what set Macrobond apart. Our data sets are simply unmatched. What's more, we look to improve upon and develop our content every day in order to keep our clients on top of global market trends. Here is why Macrobond's content will improve our clients financial and economic research.

Unrivaled Data Sets

Macrobond offers millions of economic time series, financial instruments, securities and indicators worldwide.

Our own unique database features thousands of primary sources from around the world, more than 22 million time series and securities, and historical data that reaches back more than a half century. Some of our primary sources include ECB, Bank of England, S&P, Central Bank of Brazil, DG ECFIN, Stoxx, Federal Reserve, Eurostat, IFO, Japanese Cabinet Office, Indian Ministry of Finance, US Census Bureau and many more.

We also provide complementary commercial data sets from MSCI Barra, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, IMF, OECD, World Bank, MSCI, Markit, GFI and many more.

Use the links above to explore some of our data sources.

Commitment to Innovation

We seek to expand and grow in an industry that is often slow to innovate. This directly offers our clients two distinct benefits.

First, we continually improve and develop our content sets in close cooperation with our clients. Our team proactively seeks out new sources and time series that make our data uniquely valuable to your research.

Second, we aim to provide non-streamlined data, which is often otherwise unavailable, in an effort to give our clients research new context, robustness and depth.

Quality Assurance

We routinely perform thousands of automated and manual control checks to ensure relevant data is delivered quickly and without mistakes:

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