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Macrobond: Experience in Innovation

Macrobond represents the next step in data-charting and analytical applications. Our research solutions offer powerful yet user-friendly exploration and presentation of historical financial and economic data. The result for our clients is more in-depth research and smarter, faster investment decisions.

Who Uses Our Research Solutions

Our applications provide data charting and analytical tools that would be crucial to any economist, strategist, analyst, portfolio manager, investor or decision maker. Our clients include investment banks, central banks, ministries of finance, research houses, fund managers, hedge funds, corporates, consultancies and universities.


The Next Generation of Financial Intelligence

Macrobond is different because our team condenses years of experience into one targeted, user-driven focus.

Our founders and managers have more than 20 years of experience with firms such as Thomson Reuters, Vinga Systems and EcoWin. We also have extensive experience working with - and for - leading firms in the financial sector, giving us unique insights into the delicate relationship between a provider and a vendor.

Because the practical use of this application is our primary concern hence we at Macrobond work very closely with our clients and partners. If there are any queries about our software, our clients are encouraged to contact sales & developers to clarify any arising issues. If there is primary-source data customers would like made available, feedback is welcomed in our development processes.

Macrobond is an independent, privately owned company with offices in Sweden, Poland, London, Hong Kong and New York. Today, Macrobond is the fastest growing vendor of financial data and analytical tools worldwide.


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