EIU Country Data

Country Data from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is an analytical database of worldwide economic indicators and forecasts. Country Data provides data ranging from 1980 to 2030 and gives subscribers immediate access to headline economic indicators and forecasts vital to economic, financial, and budget models. It also provides hard-edged analysis of each country’s economic health and prospects. Covering 201 countries and 45 sub-regions, the database provides comparable historical data from 1980 onwards to all countries covered, as well as forecasts for 191 of them. Country Data give access to over one million individual data points, distributed across up to 300 comparable economic series per country. Country Data’s forecasts are updated monthly for 120 countries and quarterly for all other countries covered. For the 82 largest economies in the world, 5-year annual forecasts are available for all indicators, as well as 100 key economic series additionally projected to 2030.

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