Data visualisation

Fast. Intuitive. Beautiful.

Our powerful charting tool enables you to map, visualise and analyse a world of data quickly and easily.

Choose from pre-defined charts, mix and match different chart types or create new ones that others can also build on.
Visualise every step of your analysis with charts that instantly reflect each new data point you input and each additional graph you overlay.

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Create and edit charts quickly via point-and-click interface

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Instantly generate presentation-ready visuals in your corporate brand colours and fonts

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Automatically update any chart with the latest data in just one click


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Eliminate drudgery

When the numbers change, so do your charts. No need to update manually

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Build trust

You and your colleagues can be confident that the charts you share with one another will always be up to date

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Remove duplication

All Macrobond users in your organisation access the same analysis based on the same data at the same time