BofA Merrill Lynch Fixed Income Indices (ICE BofAML Bond Indices)

Merrill Lynch Fixed Income Indices offer a comprehensive view of fixed income markets in developed as well as emerging markets. The BofA Merrill Lynch Fixed Income Indices track the performance of the global investment grade, high-yield and emerging debt markets. In addition to the flagship global, regional and country specific indices, more than 4,000 BofA Merrill Lynch indices divide the markets into smaller segments based on sector, rating, maturity, etc. Total returns are published in local currency terms as well as converted into alternate base currencies on either an unhedged or hedged basis. Excess returns measure the performance of each index relative to a risk matched basket of government bonds or swaps. Other characteristics and relative value metrics that are available include the index spread, yield, maturity, duration, convexity, composite rating and capitalization along with numerous other statistics.

Data and analytics integrated in one unique platform

The Macrobond platform includes an extensive breadth of global data and a powerful analytics engine that lets you analyze data in a fast and intuitive way and then share it with your colleagues or the rest of the world in an instant. 

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